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Alberta's largest home school cries foul after NDP closes them down

3500 students suddenly ejected after irregularites found with organization's small sponsor

Alberta's largest home school cries foul after NDP closes them down

Alberta Education's allegations of financial mismanagement by a private Cold Lake Christian school and the home-schooling association it contracts are defamatory and laden with "partial truths," says a statement posted online Wednesday.

"We are extremely disappointed with yesterday’s sudden decision made by (Education Minister) Minister David Eggen. It will have a dramatic and negative impact on the over 3,500 students and families whose education has now been interrupted," the Trinity Christian School Association board said in a short email Wednesday.

Infuriated about Eggen's decision to pull accreditation and public funds from the school, which has 13 classroom students and 3,491 registered home school students, some home-schooling supporters vented online, calling the decision ideological and political.

Calgary commentator Adam Soos started an online petition to reinstate Trinity Christian's accreditation, which had garnered about 1,150 signatures by Wednesday afternoon.

"David Eggen has been targeting Christian education and home-schooling since he came into office. A critical spectator would have to surmise that the revocation of accreditation has more to do with personal politics than the financial accountability of the association," Soos wrote in the petition's description.

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