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Anthony Esolen's attack on gender juggling makes him a campus pariah

Outspoken critic of new sex swapping finds himself shunned by his own university

Anthony Esolen's attack on gender juggling makes him a campus pariah

For many years, professor Anthony Esolen has traveled across the United States and Canada, boosting Providence College whenever he speaks before church groups, men’s conferences, academic gatherings and other forums.

“And at all those places I have praised Providence College to the skies. I have been an ambassador for the college,” said Esolen, who teaches literature in the Development of Western Civilization program at Providence.

But the longtime respected professor, known for his orthodoxy and unflinching defense of a distinctly Catholic worldview, and his supporters say he has been isolated on campus in recent months by student activists and faculty members who have not taken kindly to his critiques on modern-day understandings of “diversity.”

“I’m a persona non grata,” said Esolen, who told the Register that he believes the college’s administration has hung him out to dry, including Dominican Father Brian Shanley, the president of Providence College.

“There has been disingenuity on the part of the administration,” Esolen said. “It’s very hard to walk around on that campus knowing there are people who will recognize you and think evil about you, and knowing that evil is completely unjustified.”

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