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Anti-Trumpers turn pro-Trump seaside parade into a riotous brawl

About 30 attackers assail 2,000-member beach march with pepper spray and chaos follows

Anti-Trumpers turn pro-Trump seaside parade into a riotous brawl

A "Make America Great Again" march in support of President Trump drew about 2,000 people to Bolsa Chica State Beach on Saturday, March 25, including a group of about 30 protesters whose presence triggered a violent melee at the start of the event.

As the marchers, many in MAGA hats or carrying American flags, walked down the bike path from Pacific Coast Highway and Warner Avenue, about a dozen protesters wearing black masks formed a wall blocking them.

The situation got ugly and lasted for about a half hour; after much yelling, shoving, pushing and punching, some protesters pepper-sprayed a group of marchers.

Four protesters were arrested, California State Parks Police Capt. Kevin Pearsall said.

But the march went on.

March organizers said they had been hoping for peace. Many had brought their children.

"I'm not just here in support of Trump, but our vets, military, police officers and emergency responders,” said Darlene Savord of Tustin, one of the organizers.

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