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Author traces relentless Communist effort to wipe out Christian Russia

But after decades of fierce persecution, Marxism perishes and the faith again prevails

Author traces relentless Communist effort to wipe out Christian Russia

Communist governments don’t like religion. They are not even too fond of their own people.  Death comes easily and frequently to their citizens.

The global communist body count is estimated to be over 149,469,000 citizens killed or starved to death by their own governments since 1918. That tally does not even include victims of war. 

On paper, communism is supposed to be a utopia.  An equal share and equal opportunity for everyone! The caveat is that the state has to be in control. People can’t be trusted and neither can God. Especially God. It’s a given that the Church will be persecuted under communism.

James McCachren, an English Instructor at Halifax Community College in North Carolina contacted me after reading my blog about Fatima as an antidote to relativism, which evolved from communism. He recommended a book with a chapter on miracle stories that occurred during the communist oppression in the Soviet Union (also known as Russia), which existed from 1922 to 1991 until it broke into a Commonwealth of Independent States. 

The stories were included in the book Soviet Anti-Religious Campaigns and Persecutions by Dimitry Pospielovsky. With the increase in Christian persecution throughout the world, we can use a few inspirational stories that show who is really in charge.

This article continues at [NC Register] Amazing Miracles That Communism Couldn’t Stop

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