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Canadian homeschooled teenager wins Ontario by-election by a landslide

Voters send Liberal Premier Wynne a message by picking pro-life candidate Sam Oosterhoff

Canadian homeschooled teenager wins Ontario by-election by a landslide

A 19-year-old homeschool graduate has become the youngest in Canada to win a parliamentary seat, closing out his opponents with over 50 percent of the vote.

Sam Oosterhoff beat out New Democratic Party (NDP) candidate Mike Thomas, 61, and Liberal Party candidate Vicky Ringuette, 37, on Thursday, receiving 54 percent of the popular vote.

He had taken leave of his political science studies at Brock University to run in the Niagara West-Glanbrook by-election for the past year. Oosterhoff now plans to take classes by night while taking over the seat held by longtime Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak.

Oosterhoff, who identifies as pro-life and pro-family, is a member of the Canadian Reformed Church. He declared in his candidacy that he would be “a voice for common-sense, pro-family policies and concerns” in the government.

“I will never waver in my support of parents as primary educators, and I will strive to ensure that parental rights are respected in education,” Oosterhoff had outlined on his campaign website.

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