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Even many French Muslims now agree with the 'extremist' Marine Le Pen

As the election looms Islamic voters are grateful France still has a secret ballot

Even many French Muslims now agree with the 'extremist' Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen, who wants to ban the Islamic headscarf, might be threatening to pull off a shock election win but that doesn't mean France's Muslim voters are all panicking over the far-right, National Front candidate taking power.

The name Marine Le Pen is routinely preceded by the words "anti-Islam".

Even though she herself has moved to soften her image with Muslim voters by insisting their religion is indeed "compatible with the French Republic" (much to the disgust of some in her party), it’s not hard to see why she has a reputation for being an Islamophobe.

She once described Muslims praying in the streets of French cities in protest over a lack of mosque space to being akin to the Nazi occupation and has regularly taken aim at halal food, the veil, the burkini, and various other aspects of Muslim culture.

With experts refusing to rule out a shock Le Pen victory carried by the same wave of nationalist populism that swept Donald Trump to power, you would think France's Muslim community, believed to number between four and six million, would be in a panic with the election just weeks away.

And while there is no doubt concern, there are reasons why France's Muslims are not all frantically preparing for the worst.

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