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Exit polls reveal an America that's more deeply divided than ever

After eight years of essentially no change for the better, voters vent their frustration

Exit polls reveal an America that's more deeply divided than ever

Donald Trump’s victory today came as a deeply divided country opted for change. His strength among white voters – and particularly working-class whites – led to an impressive performance in the upper Midwest, and he was able to attract enough support from blacks and Hispanics to hold Hillary Clinton at bay.

The election was marked by a record gender gap and widespread voter concern about the candidates’ honesty. Trump also weathered concerns about his temperament, qualifications, and treatment of women.

Trump won among men by 12 percentage points, while women backed Clinton by 12 points. This 24-point gender gap eclipses the previous record of 22 points, set in the 2000 race between George W. Bush and Al Gore.

Trump dramatically improved on Mitt Romney’s performance among men – the Republican won by 7 among men in 2012. Clinton only improved slightly on President Barack Obama’s 11-point margin among women.

Plus, women made up 52 percent of the electorate, down one point from 2012 and similar to 1996 and 2000 (52 percent).

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