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Fraser Institute study squelches the 'privileged parent' argument

But for a few élite schools, independent school family incomes equate with public schools

Fraser Institute study squelches the 'privileged parent' argument

Most independent schools in B.C. have a religious or alternative teaching approach and don't conform to an "elite" stereotype, says a new report from the right-wing think tank, the Fraser Institute.

The Fraser Institute report says that over half of all of B.C.'s 340 independent schools have a religious affiliation and about 20 per cent are what the think tank calls "speciality schools".

These schools have a distinct teaching and learning approach (Montessori or Waldorf), have a specific focus such as the arts, athletics or STEM subjects or serve specific student populations such as those with special needs.

"Contrary to the common caricature that they are enclaves for the urban elite, independent schools come in a wide variety of types and serve many educational preferences," reads the report's executive summary, which looked at school-level data from the ministries of education in various provinces across Canada.

"Our study found that less than five-and-a-half per cent of independent schools conform to the dominant stereotype for private schools," said report co-author Deani Van Pelt.

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