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Justin Bieber's church denies any role in his sudden tour cancellation

TV gossip host says the teen heartthrob quit his singing tour to reconnect with his faith

Justin Bieber's church denies any role in his sudden tour cancellation

The Hillsong Church has denied rumours that Justin Bieber cancelled the remainder of his world tour so that he could forge a deeper connection with the Christian denomination. 

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia this Friday, a spokesperson for the Hillsong Church confirmed that that they had no involvement with Justin's decision to cancel the remaining 14 dates of his Purpose world tour.

'The recent announcement by Justin Bieber about his tour does not involve Hillsong Church,' the spokesperson said. 

'We wish Justin the best for his future.' 

Meanwhile, Justin provided a vague response to the rumours surrounding his tour cancellation when quizzed by a TMZ paparazzo. 

Offering a simple 'no' to the question, Justin seemed perturbed when pressed on the subject.

'You already know the reason,' he shot back before disappearing inside a building. 

Channel Nine entertainment guru Richard Wilkins claimed, on Tuesday, that the real reason Justin decided to step off the tour bus was that he wanted to 'reconnect with his faith' and possibly start his own church.

This article continues at [UK Daily Mail] 'We are not the reason': The Hillsong Church slams rumours about Justin Bieber's decision to cancel his Purpose world tour

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