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Last words of 12-year-old girl burnt to death by ISIS: ‘Forgive them’

Mother could not save daughter in time after their home was torched for not paying Jaziya

Nadia Murad, 21, is another former ISIS slave and is now campaigning for the Yazidi people being massacred by ISIS.

The young girl, thought to be 12 years old, died from her burns after the militants attacked her family’s home in Mosul, Iraq. Her story was among a number heard at a conference on the persecution of Christians in New York last month.

A human rights advocate described how the young girl had been in the shower when the jihadis came knocking.

“You have two choices, you are to leave or you are to pay the Jaziya,” they told the girl’s mother, according to a human rights advocate at the conference.

Her mother responded: “I will pay, just give me a few seconds, my daughter is in the shower.”

At this point the militants stormed the house shouting “you don’t have a few seconds.” They set the building on fire and left. Both mother and daughter managed to escape the burning building but the child had severe fourth degree burns and was rushed straight to hospital.

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