A screen shot from an ISIS video released on Sunday.

Latest ISIS video shows young Asian boys being trained for battle

The State

A new ISIS video shows young boys from Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines learning to shoot guns, attending classes on Islam, and—at the end of the video—burning their passports.

The scenes allegedly take place at a training camp for boys in Syria, and are strategically depicted in a 15-minute propaganda clip titled “The Generation of the Epic Battles.” Released by the Islamic State’s province in Hasakeh, in northeastern Syria, the video was posted on an ISIS forum and circulated on social media, Vocativ discovered.

It reveals—once again—how ISIS mobilizes and trains children.

At the beginning of the video, an ISIS fighter identified as Abu Naser al-Indonisi describes the boys as the sons of the Islamic State’s so-called caliphate. “We teach them the right dogma and how to protect themselves, and how to shoot,” he says.

The video then depicts the children in physical training. They run, wrestle, and pray, and learn how to shoot Kalashnikov rifles and pistols. Several young boys are also seeing quoting verses from the Koran. They call on supporters to migrate to “the land of Islam” and chant: “the Islamic State remains, our path is jihad.”

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