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Man who killed her Christian husband and son literally used a hit list

Widow claims ISIS assassins shot her family then scratched them off a list in front of her

Man who killed her Christian husband and son literally used a hit list

A Coptic Christian mother in North Sinai who saw her son and husband killed in front of her in their home says she then saw the gunman calmly tick off her loved ones from a hit-list he carried.

In an exclusive interview with World Watch Monitor, Nabila Fawzi Hanna, 65, said that one of the killers had a list of “many names”. After shooting her son and husband he asked her to confirm who they were and then ticked them off his list.

This came after an Egyptian Islamic State affiliate posted a video message, vowing to “eliminate” Egypt’s Christians and to “liberate Cairo”. The video also included the apparent last statement of the suicide bomber responsible for the 11 December attack on a church in Cairo, which killed at least 28 people – mostly women and children.

The day after Nabila’s relatives died, on 22 Feb, a neighbour reported men knocking on the door of her daughter and son-in-law’s home - but they weren’t there. The men then broke into a neighbour’s home and shot him dead as he tried to escape.

These three victims took the number of Christians recently killed in Sinai’s largest city, El-Arish, to seven. IS has claimed responsibility.

This article continues at [World Watch Monitor] Egyptian Copt widow: ‘Gunmen who killed my husband and son then ticked them off their IS hit-list’

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