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Nearly half the people in the San Francisco area want out, poll finds

Fed up with the urban crush, millennials are now seeking the life

Nearly half the people in the San Francisco area want out, poll finds

Choked by traffic and overwhelmed by skyrocketing housing costs, a greater percentage of Bay Area residents than a year ago now say they yearn to flee the region.

In a new Bay Area Council poll released Thursday, 40 percent of the region’s residents said they want to move away in the next few years, a marked increase from the 33 percent who said in 2016 they wanted to leave.

Even worse, the new survey found that young adults are more inclined to leave: 46 percent of millennials want to lead the charge out of the Bay Area in the next few years.

“It turns out that we were wrong about millennial preferences, the stories were wrong that millennials wanted to live in a hyper-urban environment and that it would be OK to raise families in a condo,” said Micah Weinberg, president of the Bay Area Council’s Economic Institute. “Millennials are putting off family formation, but when they have a family, they want what their parents had: a house on a nice lot pretty close to work.”

The departure of millennial professionals to other regions of the country could harm the Bay Area’s economy, the council warned.

“Losing our youth is a very bad economic and social strategy,” said Jim Wunderman, president of the Bay Area Council, a business-sponsored, public policy advocacy organization.

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