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No reading the Bible before history class, Arizona university decrees

Prof finds the open book distressing, giving rise to a major administrative conflict

No reading the Bible before history class, Arizona university decrees

A Northern Arizona University student was forced by his professor and the school's history department chair to stop reading his Bible prior to the start of class.

Mark Holden was recorded explaining to History Department Chair Derek Heng an incident that occurred between him and his instructor, Dr. Heather Martel.

Campus Reform, a watchdog group, reports it was given a recording of the February incident.

On the recording, Holden tells Heng that he always uses free time before class to read the Bible. However, this time Martel objected to the routine because she didn't want him reading the Bible in front of her.

"So, Prof. Martel says that she doesn't want you sitting in front of her because you put, you know, a Bible out, right?" Heng can be heard on the tape.

Heng goes on to say that although he doesn't "know what the dynamics (are) going on in the classroom," the "real key is to make sure that, you know, the class is able to go on and that you are in the classroom."

Holden attempted to clarify, asking: "So, she doesn't want me in the front because I have my Bible out?”

"No, I think she, I mean, well why do you have your Bible out anyway?" Heng responds.

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