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Pepsi ad that stirred outrage reveals the big flaw in modern thought

When 'tolerance' is the decisive virtue, what do you do about the undeniably intolerable?

Pepsi ad that stirred outrage reveals the big flaw in modern thought

Recently, Pepsi released an advertisement that resulted in a frenzy of outrage. In case you missed it, I'll fill you in.

In just under three minutes, we (the viewers) are plunged into a gag-inducing short story that centers around Kendall Jenner (of Kardashian reality TV fame), who abandons her conveniently located photo shoot to join a diverse group of handsome and strangely happy protesters who don't seem to be protesting much of anything at all.

At the climax of the commercial, Jenner—having "fist bumped" her way through the crowd—struts up to the tense-looking riot police and hands one of them a Pepsi can. After a brief nervous pause, the policeman gives an, "Ah, I guess they're all right" look to the officer to his right, and a party erupts.

What I found surprising about this commercial was not the staggering amount of stereotypes Pepsi managed to cram into three minutes, or the homage to "king tolerance," but rather the intense negative reaction the ad received.

Within 48 hours, the video got nearly 1.6 million views on YouTube (with five times as many down votes as up votes). Celebrities and social activists alike came out, guns blazing, and denounced the ad as "tone deaf" and "trash." The ad was so strongly criticized that it was pulled by Pepsi the same day it released. Later, the company said in a candid statement, "Clearly we missed the mark."

As I watched this drama unfold, I couldn't help but wonder: Did tolerance just become intolerable?

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