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President of communist China first to speak at Davos Switzerland event

Xi Jinping's speech slams populism (i.e. concerns of ordinary people) and protectionism

President of communist China first to speak at Davos Switzerland event

Chinese President Xi Jinping has become the first Chinese head of state to address the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. He took the occasion to slam populism, skepticism of free trade agreements, and suspicion of Chinese trade practices.

“Protectionism, populism and de-globalisation are on the rise. It’s not good for closer economic cooperation globally,” Xi declared.

“No one will emerge as a winner in a trade war,” Xi warned, comparing protectionism to “locking oneself in a dark room.” He said globalism should not be blamed for most of the world’s economic problems, and said there was “no justification to write it off altogether,” according to translations quoted by NPR.

“He said Beijing would not boost its trade competitiveness by devaluing its currency, something Trump has repeatedly said China has done in the past, and urged all signatories of a landmark climate deal in Paris last year to stick to the agreement,” Reuters writes, adding that Xi “cautioned other countries against blindly pursuing their national interests, in an apparent reference to the ‘America first’ policies of Donald Trump.”

Just about every media outlet has remarked upon the spectacle of a Chinese leader becoming the champion of global trade, while U.S. President-elect Donald Trump did not attend the forum. For example, the UK Guardian applauded Xi’s “rollicking defense of globalization that would have been unthinkable from a Chinese leader in the past,” and said many of his remarks were “aimed at one person who certainly isn’t at Davos – Donald Trump.”

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