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Pro-life leader to religious leaders: ‘Your silence is killing us’

Jim Hughes: Canadian Christians will not rise up until their church leaders compel them to

Pro-life leader to religious leaders: ‘Your silence is killing us’

Ordinary pew-sitters will only start engaging seriously to end the greatest assault on human rights – abortion – once religious leaders start educating them on the issue from the pulpit, said Canada’s most prominent pro-life leader in an exclusive interview with LifeSiteNews.

Jim Hughes, National President of Campaign Life Coalition, said in a wide-ranging interview that religious leaders need to know that “your silence is killing us.” He spoke with LifeSiteNews May 11 after giving the keynote address at the Rose Dinner that followed the National March for Life in Ottawa. 

“[Religious leaders] have to educate the people in the pews so that they can take on their responsibility as laypeople, in order to make a difference [in terms of] running for public office, voting for candidates that are truly pro-life and not pro-abortion ones,” he said. 

Uninstructed pew-sitters might as well be handing the tools used for abortion to abortionists when they vote for politicians who will not stand for life, he added. 

Hughes, who has been working in the pro-life movement for forty years, said that educating young people to continue the fight for justice for the pre-born is one of the most important responsibilities that the older pro-life generation has. 

“It's very difficult to do that because sometimes the young people think that everything started when they were born. And of course, we all know that we’re only providing building blocks [upon] a strong foundation that was laid for us by those who came before us. And if we can get that across to the younger generation too, so that they see that they are just adding more blocks to that structure, that will be a wonderful job if we're able to accomplish it,” he said. 

Christianity has always condemned abortion as murder. Early Christian documents condemning abortion include the Didache, where the Apostles teach, “Do not murder a child by abortion or kill a newborn infant.” 

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