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Russian Patriarch Kirill uses Easter to launch pro-life petition

With one of the world's highest abortion rates Russia awakens from its 'demographic coma'


On Orthodox Easter eve, next Saturday, a petition drive will take place in all Russian Orthodox parishes to defend embryos and ban abortions. 

The Interfax news agency reports that the initiative is taking place with the support of Starets (elder) Iliy (Nozdrin), confessor of the Moscow Patriarch, and is promoted by the For Life Movement, which is counting on gathering thousands of signatures.

Traditionally, churches on Easter eve will be full of believers who come for the blessing of Easter cakes and eggs.

So far, "200,000 signatures have been collected,” said Starets Iliy. However, the “objective is to collect a million signatures".

On several occasions, Patriarch Kirill has called for the removal of abortion as a medical service offered in the public health system.

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