Byfield: 25 guilty as massive hushed-up Muslim-run child sex ring exposed in UK

Ted Byfield: 25 guilty as massive hushed-up Muslim-run child sex ring exposed in UK


Despite the best efforts of British officialdom to hush the fact up, it has finally been conceded that their country for at least thirty years has been quietly harbouring the most massive program of child sexual abuse in its history.

Some fourteen hundred children, aged about eleven to fifteen, nearly all of them white and nearly all of them girls, have been held captive in several mid-size industrial cities– Sheffield, Bristol, but chiefly at Rotherham in South Yorkshire. Many were actually living under government home-care programs, picked up at night by taxis, and driven to assignations arranged for them by their masters. This might include several “clients.”

If they tried to escape this captivity, various horrifying punishments were threatened, some of them bordering on the macabre. In at least one instance, a terrified child was soaked in gasoline and threatened with a match. More frequently, they might be warned that if they attempted escape their mother and little sisters would be raped. Or they might be required to watch one screaming victim being raped by a succession of men.

Most had been lured into the life by some nice looking, handsome and friendly young man who had asked to be their boyfriend and offered them candies, or drugs, or possibly mere companionship if they had sex with various men. What followed is known as the “grooming,” wherein they would be schooled for the work. Many came from broken homes, but far more than a few from good and stable families.

The frantic parents would go, of course, to the police. Their daughter had simply disappeared. A careful report would be composed, but never acted on. Why not? In the words of one report to the increasingly uneasy Rothingham city council: “There are sensitivities of ethnicity, with potential to engage the harmony of community relationships, Great care will be taken in drafting .., this report to ensure that its findings embrace Rotherham’s qualities of diversity. It is imperative that suggestions of a wider cultural phenomenon be avoided.”

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