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Ted Byfield: To save your kids from sexual abduction by the government, act now

The time is opportune for parents to assert their rights over the state’s latest lunacy

Ted Byfield: To save your kids from sexual abduction by the government, act now

The old adage that “evil things happen when good men do nothing” is glaringly operative right now in three Canadian provinces – Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta–as well as in many American states. A movement is well under way which presents itself as providing “safe space” for sexually deviant children who are being persecuted by other students. But many parents suspect the movement’s real purpose is not to protect but to propagate. Under provincial government auspices, they say, “sex clubs” are being created in the public schools — effectually nests, where students from seven to eighteen years old can be “educated” in the ways of the weird. They see the clubs, that is, as representing a process of sexual and intellectual abduction that will have the effect of taking their children away from them.

Shocking as this most assuredly is, the only effective resistance to it is coming, in Alberta, from about four active parents’ groups. The media, especially the print media, has afforded them very little help. Though the essential facts are not in dispute, the newspapers have plainly killed the story. Why this is so, I do not know, though various theories are being advanced. In any event, one thing is inescapable, A great many good men are doing nothing.

Meanwhile, Theresa Ng (pronounced “Ing”), an ex-school teacher who heads one of these parent groups, is organizing a letter-writing campaign to the government. Since she’s getting the usual zero help from the media, she must depend on the growing social media like this. I can’t improve on her presentation, and I appeal to readers with with every possible urgency, to hear and see her at:

Then act. Write the letter she’s asking for immediately and alert everyone you can possibly influence to do the same. If enough letters hit the government, this will at least slow them down, and that matters. Their success much depends on their acting swiftly. Every delay means more people will discover what they’re up to, and very soon a slight resistance could turn into an avalanche.

But then what are they up to? Obviously, these clubs are there to win converts to the a kind of Gutter Gospel, which the parents have found on the government-funded website, the fact which the media are steadfastly ignoring. The minister’s office has since removed the worst of it– without, one might note, removing the person or persons who put it there. The perpetrators of the movement say their purpose is to “gain public acceptance” for sexual non-conformity. But what percentage of the populace has to be perverts before acceptance may be deemed as achieved?

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