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Ted Byfield: Speaking as an Edmontonian. Jason, don’t listen to us Edmontonians

And don’t fear the gay lobby. As prosperity disappears, they’ll disappear along with it

Ted Byfield: Speaking as an Edmontonian. Jason, don’t listen to us Edmontonians

Though most luminaries of the left would shrink from actually admitting this, an implicit assumption nevertheless underlies the way they view humanity. The people are the property, so to speak, of the government. It owns all the elderly, all the citizenry the fit and the unfit, and in particular it owns and is wholly responsible for the children. True, the parents are allowed certain jurisdiction over their offspring, provided they educate them in all the values the government holds dear, and learn to think and believe the government-authorized version of reality.

If this seems excessive, consider the implications of a televised statement made last week by Alberta’s minister of education, David Eggen. He was attacking the new Conservative leader Jason Kenney who had insisted that if a student joined one of the new sex clubs, which Mr. Eggen is establishing in the public schools, the parents had the right to be informed of this fact.

Here is Eggen’s reply: “I’ve certainly been disturbed about Jason Kenney’s remarks. We’ve been working hard the last two years at least to build ‘safe and caring’ schools for students, and Jason Kenney’s comments are (like I say) a big setback for creating a ‘safe and caring’ environment for students. Jason Kenney’s comments show him to be quite extreme — if you scratch the surface.”

In other words, if your son or daughter discover themselves at the age of, say, thirteen, to be of another gender, or to be homosexually inclined and join a school sex club, it is the duty of the school to keep this information from reaching the parent. To inform the parent would be “extreme.” In sum, the student is safer at school than at home. The teacher is trustworthy, the parent is not. Mr. Eggen has spent two years trying to get this dogma established, and now Mr. Kenney has jeopardized it.

Bear in mind that the parent has spent thousands of hours, and perhaps tens of thousands of dollars bringing the child up, nurturing and caring in ways the state can’t even begin to emulate. But in what might become the most grievous turn in the child’s life, the vital facts are kept secret from the parent. To inform the parent, says Mr. Eggen, would be “extreme.” It would “set back” the “safe and caring” environment the government has been building since it took office. Thus the assumption: Government knows best. We will protect the child where the parent won’t. The child is ours, not yours.

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