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Time Magazine ignorance exposed: confuses Russian church with Kremlin

You see, Time editors, it's generally a good rule to not cut the crosses off a church

Time Magazine ignorance exposed: confuses Russian church with Kremlin

I have been on the road for almost a week, joyfully busy with family life.

I kept glancing at news email and, let's see, what was there to talk about?

That would be: Russia. Russia. And more Russia. Oh, and lots more Russia.

Among my fellow Orthodox Christians, there was lots of laugh-to-keep-from-crying chatter about a certain magazine cover.

It appears that Time magazine is still publishing and that the editors really thought that they nailed the whole nasty Russia is taking over the White House media storm with one image – an image so strong, so perfect, that it didn't even need a headline. You can see that cover at the top of this post, of course.

I feel the need for some music, here, to capture the heart of this multimedia story.

Now, here is how the Gateway Pundit site summed up what happened.

TIME Magazine has the Trump White House morphing into the Kremlin on this week’s cover.
But that’s not the Kremlin.
It’s an Orthodox Cathedral in Moscow.
Their cover is almost as phony as the fake Russian conspiracy. Almost.
TIME magazine mixed up the Kremlin with St. Basil Cathedral on its cover!
The Christians are coming!

Well, it is certainly true that the world famous sanctuary in question is popularly known as St. Basil's Cathedral, but the reality is a bit more complicated than that, as is discussed in this note from an Orthodox friend of mine:

This article continues at [] Dear Time editors: The Kremlin is not a church. Dear CNN politicos: Churches are not mosques

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