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Trump seen as God's answer to the advance of the LGBT movement

A Clinton victory would have doomed Christian influence, says Trump's Evangelical adviser

Trump seen as God's answer to the advance of the LGBT movement

God intervened in American politics and paved the way for President Donald Trump's election victory last year after seeing how the transgender community was perverting the nation.

The view was shared by former congresswoman and Trump evangelical adviser Michele Bachmann in an April 1 interview on the conservative radio program, "Understanding the Times with Jan Markell."

Bachmann implied that Trump's victory was God's retribution for the LGBT movement's strides toward equality, Right Wing Watch reported.

"If Hillary Clinton was going to continue and double down on the policies of Barack Obama, I think people just saw no hope that the United States would return to a position of Judeo-Christian morality," the outspoken Republican said in the interview.

She lambasted former president Barack Obama for issuing "a sheet of paper" that says "every single public school in the country would have to have the girls' bathrooms open to the boys and the boys' bathrooms open to the girls."

Bachmann said what Obama was trying to say then was "when we look at our body in a shower, our body isn't reality anymore, so we actually get to choose if we're a boy, if we're a girl."

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