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Two Alberta schools refuse to host gay clubs; NDP launches inquisition

Education Minister David Eggen vows schools must support homosexuality or face closure

Two Alberta schools refuse to host gay clubs; NDP launches inquisition

Alberta’s New Democratic Party government has launched an inquiry into two private Christian schools whose board refuses to comply with government edicts regarding homosexuality and risks losing taxpayer assistance.

Education Minister David Eggen told reporters that Independent Baptist Christian Education Society, which operates two schools with 200 students in Spruce Grove west of Edmonton and supervises 1,200 homeschooled students, had failed to provide a plan or written assurance it would comply with a new law forcing homosexual clubs at all schools.

“They did not change their position,” Eggen told reporters Monday. “They did not give us any indication that they would provide written assurance that they would allow students to form a gay-straight alliance.”

The minister said a third-party consultant will be appointed to examine, according to the Canadian Press, “what steps the society is taking to make all students have a safe and caring environment.”

LGBT advocates responded by urging Eggen to abandon the inquiry and remove public funding for the two schools. Others urged Eggen to sit down one-on-one with the school group’s leader, Pastor Brian Coldwell.

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