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Wave of anti-Semitism is sweeping the University of Illinois campus

Movement opposes alleged Jewish domination of the U.S. economy and role in big business

Wave of anti-Semitism is sweeping the University of Illinois campus

Just days after posters accusing Jews of benefiting from “Jewish Privilege” were discovered on the University of Illinois at Chicago campus, Jewish students say yet another wave of anti-Semitic materials has been found on school grounds.

Last week, posters accusing Jews of economically dominating the United States were found plastered around campus.


“Jewish Americans make up 2% of the population. 44% of these Jewish Americans are in the top 1%,” the posters read.

Following a letter by UIC Chabad House President Eva Zeltser to school administers, UIC pledged to investigate the incident.

“As we investigate this recent event, we strongly encourage all members of our university to exercise their right to free speech in a manner that recognizes these principles and avoids prejudice or stereotypes,” a statement issued by the UIC administration read in part.

But on Saturday students discovered four new sets of flyers printed in a similar style and hung up around campus, including on a library message board.

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