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Why do leftists cling to the myth that population control cures all?

The latest line that muzzling womens' wombs will solve climate control is getting old

Why do leftists cling to the myth that population control cures all?

Leftist social engineers used to forcibly sterilize the ‘unfit.’ Now they want to limit the number of all children.

The Left has long been infected by a dangerous desire to tell you how many children you’re allowed to have. Today, that urge takes shape in the tendency of progressives to blame “extra children” for all of our woes.

They particularly like to pin the supposedly devastating effects of climate change on families that dare to have more than a “reasonable” number of offspring. This charming argument cropped up again early yesterday morning in a tweet from progressive commentator Jill Filipovic:

Never mind that Filipovic just published a book arguing that women can be fulfilled only if societal structures protect their ability to do whatever will bring them the most pleasure at any given moment. Apparently, that fundamental freedom to order your life exactly as you please — aided by extensive government programs, of course — applies only if you stick to the Left’s prescribed number of children — or, if you kill them post-conception.

This is just the latest example of Filipovic’s insisting that she knows how to live your life better than you do, and it was prompted by a new study finding that the “best” way to reduce one’s carbon emissions is to have at least one fewer child. Such daft suggestions prompt the inevitable question: which child?

Who among us has the right to decide when a child is “extra” and how many is too many? Or maybe we should get down to business right away and begin by eliminating all of the “extra” people currently milling about the globe, taxing the earth’s precious resources with their costly carbon dioxide emissions. Any volunteers? Jill?

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