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Winning the war in Hollywood one movie at a time

Latest Sony film bears strong Christian witness but is not being marketed as faith-based

Winning the war in Hollywood one movie at a time

In the independent Sony Pictures Classic release The Hollars, directed by actor/director John Krasinski and written by Jim Strouse, a family is brought together to deal with its matriarch Sally Hollar's (played by Margo Martingdale) declining health and how it affects her husband Don (Richard Jenkins) and sons John (Krasinski) and Ron (Sharlto Copley).

Although not marketed as a faith-based film, the movie does feature a strong Christian witness in the form of Rev. Dan (Josh Groban), a youth pastor dating Ron's ex-wife, whose kindness in the face of ridicule and aggression changes the course of the film. Producer Tom Rice (Begin Again, The Way Way Back), a believer himself, says even beyond Rev. Dan, the film features a strong undercurrent of faith, reconciliation and redemption.

Sometimes in a film, we are surprised when we see such a positive portrayal of a Christian in a mainstream film, such as Rev. Dan.

I agree. The character was written as is in the script and when I read it and I just found that so refreshing. It did draw me to the script. Nobody was making fun of this character on one end of the spectrum, and then nobody was making this character agenda-driven preachy character on the other end of the spectrum. It's just real life. It's just truth and real life and relatable. So many times in the movies, it's so preachy in the dialogue where this is a character who has a really big impact on another character that needs it just by exuding grace and patience and support without ever preaching, without ever making it about a sermon or lesson that needs to be learned.

You want to talk about the whole theme of faith and redemption in the film?

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