$2 million prize for activism: These days the money's not in building, it's tearing things down

$2 million prize for activism: These days the money’s not in building, it’s tearing things down

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[ThePostMillenial] The Climate Breakthrough Project, an environmental initiative that’s part of the U.S.-based David and Lucile Packard Foundation, has picked Tzeporah Berman as their 2019 award winner. She will now be receiving $2 million to fund new environmental initiatives.

VIDEO: [News 1130] Vancouver talk show interviews Tzeporah Berman on how she planning to spend her $2 million gift. [Sep. 9, 2019]

According to their website, the Climate Breakthrough Project “provide[s] large, multi-year, unrestricted awards to help empower promising leaders with powerful, high-risk, high-reward innovations in the climate space.”

On the website, a headline reads “PROGRESS ISN’T ENOUGH. WE NEED BREAKTHROUGHS.”

Underneath the headline, they say, “We are losing the race to prevent the most catastrophic impacts of global warming,” Efforts to address the crisis simply have not been enough. The planet needs new transformative strategies.

“The Climate Breakthrough Project finds extraordinary strategists and gives them the time, space, and resources to create and implement the boldest strategies they can conceive to mitigate climate change.”

Berman will be one of these “extraordinary strategists” who will be using the money to tackle the oil and gas industry to promote environmental change using her newly acquired foreign monetary backing.

This article continues at [ThePostMillenial] Former Greenpeace co-director receives two million dollar U.S. award for disrupting oil and gas industry in Canada

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