600,000 lives are in danger if Kenya closes camp, aid agencies warn

The State
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The Kenyan government has announced plans to close its refugee camps and a U.S-based Christian humanitarian agency warns that the decision is deadly.

Nearly 600,000 refugees live in Kenya’s camps, with more than half in the sprawling Dadaab camp near the border with Somalia.

Kenya’s Interior Ministry has said it would send all 330,000 refugees in Dadaab back to Somalia because the camp harbored terrorists, the Guardian reports.

The news not only comes as a shock to refugees but to World Help, a non-profit organization, which is now calling for an international intervention.

“It was with great surprise and concern that we learned of Kenya’s decision to close its refugee camps, and in turn, to provide an unsure future to over 600,000 refugees, many of which are from war torn countries, like Somalia,” Vernon Brewer, founding president of the Virginia-based World Help, said in a statement. “People who already live on the edge of death will most certainly die if the world doesn’t respond immediately to this pending crisis.”

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