88 veteran generals and admirals step forward to back Trump

The State
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The presidential campaign featured a battle over military brass Tuesday, as Republican Donald Trump released a letter from 88 retired generals and admirals while Hillary Clinton called Trump’s campaign an ‘insult’ to servicemen and women. 

Scores of retired generals and admirals have come out in support for Trump, saying the billionaire Republican candidate should be the next commander-in-chief.

‘These are our fighting generals. There are actually a lot more to come,’ Trump told a crowd in Virginia Beach that was stacked with ex-military members.

Clinton counterattacked, speaking to reporters for the second day in a row with reporters traveling with her on her campaign plane. 

‘His whole campaign has been one long insult to all those who have worn the uniform,’ Clinton said at the University of South Florida in Tampa. 

This article continues at [UK Daily Mail] Battle over uniformed support as Trump gets 88 generals’ and admirals’ endorsement – but Clinton calls his campaign ‘insult to the military’

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