Abortionists played big role in study that found the process painless

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JAMA, Journal of the American Medical Association, is refusing to retract a study they published about when an unborn child begins to feel pain, such as the pain of being aborted, despite serious concerns about the credibility of the study.

Published in 2005, the study concluded unborn babies do not feel pain before 29 weeks gestation. The research has been touted by those who support late-term abortions.

However, people taking issue with the study called for its retraction based on both ethical and scientific considerations.

James Agresti, president of the fact-checking think tank Just Facts, requested the retraction. He told CBN News the authors of the study failed to disclose they’re directly linked to the abortion industry.

“The authors, if you read, it says no financial disclosures,” he said. “One of the authors was the medical director of an abortion clinic; two of the other authors – one served as an attorney for NARAL and another also worked in (an) abortion clinic.”

This article continues at [CBN] Fetal Pain: Why JAMA Refuses to Retract This Flawed Study

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