['Activist Mommy'] Criticism will soon be a crime in Ontario of Bill 84 goes through

[‘Activist Mommy’] Criticism will soon be a crime in Ontario of Bill 84 goes through

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[ActivistMommy.com] The nation of Canada has been giving us a chilling vision of what it looks like when a western nation completely succumbs to the dangerous ideology of multiculturalism, the cultural Marxism that always inevitably restricts the rights of some to pave the way for the rights of others.

VIDEO: [Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF.ca)] John Carpay on Ontario’s Bill 84 and ganning protests at Queen’s Park. [May 2, 2019]

There is no equality in multiculturalism.

Christians have faced increasing adversity in Canada as of late, but new proposed legislation that would make it a crime to publicly express one’s faith is a chilling new low.

In the proposed legislation, it would become illegal for Christians to make any public displays which are deemed hateful to Muslims, LGBT people, and other victim groups as designated by the left. The bill has been dubbed “Prohibiting Hate-Promoting Demonstrations at Queen’s Park Act, 2019,” is part of Canada’s anti-hate laws and would give the government complete freedom to ban all things Christian.

This would mean any Christian protests or demonstrations could potentially be criminalized. Public prayer vigils could be outlawed.

This article continues at [ActivistMommy.com] Ontario Considers Legislation Criminalizing Public Displays of Faith for Christians

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