"Last Days in The Desert" features actor Ewan McGregor as both Jesus and the devil, 2016.

Actor Ewan McGregor talks about what it’s like to play Jesus

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Being the latest actor to take on the high pressure role of portraying the son of God, Ewan McGregor says when he agreed to star in “Last Days in the Desert” he decided not to focus on the Divine nature of Jesus Christ.

“The film is very much about the human side of Jesus, because I don’t know how you go about shooting the Divine side,” McGregor told the New York Daily News. “I did quite a bit of research on Jesus going in … reading all these books about who Jesus was and who He wasn’t and that wasn’t helpful to me.”

The movie will open on May 13 and tells the story of Jesus Christ being tempted by the devil while wandering in the desert for 40 days. Instead of focusing on Yahushua, or Jesus in Hebrew, as a higher power, the 45-year-old McGregor, who also plays Satan in the film, explained how he got into character.

“When I stopped reading and I just started to think about a man who was communicating with his father, and was frustrated with the lack of response, that’s when I found Him,” he said.

While the Scottish actor focused on Jesus as a human being, he also didn’t ignore the Messiah’s Divine nature when taking on the role.

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