Air Force vet appears to have been drummed off base for saying ‘God’

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The Pentagon has launched an investigation into why a retired veteran with 33 years service was dragged off a military base, allegedly for saying the word “God,” clarifying that members of the armed forces are not prohibited from using religious language during private ceremonies.

Senior Master Sergeant (SMSgt.) Oscar Rodriguez Jr. has a reputation as a stirring speaker, delivering a speech during flag folding ceremonies that infuses patriotism with a prayer for the men in uniform.

When Master Sgt. Charles Roberson scheduled his retirement ceremony on April 3 at Travis Air Force Base, he asked SMSgt. Rodriguez to give his speech at the retirement ceremony, complete with its invocation of God.

But Roberson’s commanding officer, Lt. Col. Michael Sovitsky, “did not want Mr. Rodriguez to engage in religious speech during the retirement ceremony,” according to Rodriguez’s attorneys at the First Liberty Institute, a legal nonprofit dedicated to the freedom of religion.

Despite Sovitsky’s attempts to dissuade him from showing up, Rodriguez, who served in the U.S. Air Force Reserve from 1980 to 2013, decided to give the speech Roberson requested, anyway.

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