Alberta Education Minister refuses to allow Catholic schools teach Christian values on sex

Alberta Education Minister refuses to allow Catholic schools teach Christian values on sex

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Education Minister David Eggen is slamming the curriculum submitted by Alberta Catholic schools aimed at incorporating church teachings into sexual education in the classroom.

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The document, submitted by the Council of Catholic School Superintendents of Alberta, states that, according to the Catholic faith, same-sex sexual relations are “not part of God’s natural order.” Gender and gender identity are always linked to one’s sex at birth, it says.

“The document in question is unacceptable,” wrote Eggen, in an emailed statement, declining an interview with CBC News.

“We approach all conversations about how to improve our curriculum in good faith, but this submission was never given serious consideration and no funding was provided in response.”

His response contrasts sharply with the interpretation of those discussions by Karl Germann, president of the Council of Catholic School Superintendents of Alberta.

“They say there will be no issues or concerns with what we want to teach inside the provincial curriculum,” said Germann Monday, acknowledging a request for funding was not approved. “We want to make sure that we can incorporate the Catholic perspective and they’re OK with that.”

The council’s submission highlights “key messages” from a Catholic perspective around sexuality, including same-sex relationships and gender identity.

It emphasizes that Catholic schools are committed to having caring, safe environments and “people who experience same-sex attraction are very welcome in our Church, equally respected and [loved].”

Unable to promote homosexual relationships

But the document also identifies several potential “problematic” areas where the curriculum could clash against church doctrine.

This article continues at [CBC News] Alberta education minister rejects sex-education curriculum of Catholic schools


  1. Providing the superintendents stand by their position, this promises, like the Loyola case in Quebec a couple of years ago, to be going to the Supreme Court of Canada. The pretense of the NDP government that all of this imposition of gender rights is based on science is simple nonsense. Clinical psychologist, Dr. Jordan Peterson states, for example, that studies show that 99.7% of all individuals sexually identify with their birth gender. So what Minister Eggen is demanding is that 0.3% of the population will dictate to what the 99.7% believe to be true, as backed by real scientific studies. Further, the Catholic superintendents will not be the last target on this NDP “hit list”. Private schools (especially Christian ones) and home educators (once more) will soon follow. NDP’s Sheldon Chumir, in the 1980s, made it clear that his model of socialism would not tolerate true diversity in public education (under the guise of Tolerance and Understanding). Ms. Notley is simply taking up that old cause and Minister Eggen is her foot-soldier.

    1. Skeptical Christian

      Yeah, this seems very intolerant by the government indeed. I don’t think it wise to present gender issues to children as if a smorgasbord of options is theirs to choose from. This will only add to confusion in developing minds.
      The gender issue is not as straightforward as it seems, however. It’s easy for us to say that gender should simply follow biological sex at birth when there are intersex folks with actual chromosomal, hormonal, genetic and sexual organ differences from a typical binary male and female. In these cases, a greater sensitivity aught to be proffered. In many of these cases, doctors simply cannot classify them clearly.

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