Alberta government takes back curriculum control

Alberta government takes back curriculum control

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[Edmonton Journal] The Alberta Teachers’ Association slammed the provincial government Saturday for ripping up a 2016 memorandum of understanding that gave the group a co-lead role in developing Alberta’s new curriculum.

VIDEO: [Parents for Choice in Education] PCE Board Director Stuart Wachowicz details how the proposed new Alberta curriculum presents such a radical change differs from its previous counterparts. [Nov 23, 2017]

Association president Jason Schilling said the partnership played an important role in utilizing teachers’ expertise and support for the redesign of Alberta’s decades-old curriculum.

The new UCP government last month paused the provincial K-12 school curriculum rewrite, a flagship project under the NDP. On Friday, Education Minister Adriana LaGrange told Postmedia she was also ending the agreement.

“When I looked at the MOU, it was one that I personally would not have signed, simply because I found it too restrictive,” LaGrange told Postmedia in an interview.

“While I agree that the Alberta Teachers’ Association is a very important partner, it is not the only partner.”

LaGrange said the province will withdraw from the MOU within 30 days and her government will release more details next week on a curriculum advisory panel formed by the UCP.

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