Alberta judge deems pro-life bus ad 'psychologically harmful'

Alberta judge deems pro-life bus ad ‘psychologically harmful’

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A judge in Canada has upheld a city’s decision to reject a pro-life advertisement from being displayed on transit buses, stating that it is “likely to cause psychological harm” to mothers who have obtained an abortion.

“I find the city’s decision to reject this particular ad was reasonable,” wrote Justice C.S. Anderson of the Court of Queen’s Bench in Alberta. “I find the ad is likely to cause psychological harm to women who have had an abortion or who are considering an abortion. It is also likely to cause fear and confusion among children who may not fully understand what the ad is trying to express…”

The Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform (CCBR) had submitted an advertisement to the transit authority of the City of Grand Prairie that included two photographs showing the stages of fetal development. One photograph depicted a baby in the womb at seven weeks, and another portrayed a baby at 16 weeks. Next to the images was a bloody circle representing abortion.

“7 weeks growing, 16 weeks growing, gone,” the advertisement reads. “Abortion kills children.”

According to Anderson, Grand Prairie officials rejected the banner because they believed it could incite ill will against “an identifiable class: women who have chosen to exercise their legal right to have an abortion.” The judge agreed.

This article continues at [Christian News Network] Canadian Judge Rules Pro-Life Group’s Bus Ad ‘Likely to Cause Psychological Harm’ to Abortive Mothers

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