The Rev. Andrew White, a chaplain at St. George's Anglican Church in Baghdad, speaks at a May 2014 news conference on Capitol Hill calling for action to aid Christians and other religious minorities in Egypt, Iraq and Syria.

Anglicans investigating Vicar of Baghdad for possibly financing ISIS

The State
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The Rev. Andrew White, acclaimed as the Anglican “Vicar of Baghdad” for his outreach among Iraqi Christians, has been suspended with pay and his British charity placed under official investigation over allegations that money used to redeem sex slaves ended up in the hands of the Islamic State.

“We never gave the bad guys one penny,” White said in denying the charges.

The U.K.’s official Charity Commission on Thursday (June 23) “confirmed that it opened a statutory inquiry into the Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East on June 9, 2016.”

The commission declined to comment further on White’s organization, which also goes by the acronym FRRME.

“The foundation is cooperating fully with the appropriate authorities,” FRRME said on its website. “It would be inappropriate to comment further on an active investigation other than to say that the foundation believes at this stage that the alleged incident stemmed from a genuine desire by Canon White to help others.”

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