Benham brothers slam Iceland's Down Syndrome policy of genocide

Benham brothers slam Iceland’s Down Syndrome policy of genocide

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Conservative Christian brothers David and Jason Benham expressed their love and support for children born with Down syndrome and trisomy on Tuesday, while slamming countries like Iceland which reportedly abort all such children.

The brothers, who have spoken out and marched in several pro-life rallies in America, made a Facebook video with two families, explaining that Down Syndrome Day, which was Tuesday, and Trisomy Awareness Month, which is March, are very special to them.

“Luke is loved by God, and is created by God and and is special,” David Benham said in the video, referencing one of the children with them. “And Emma is loved by God and is special. The church really needs to lead the way on this because we love these kids and we love these families.”

Jason Benham pointed out that in many countries around the world, parents abort their children once they find out they have Down syndrome.

“In Iceland, since 2008 there hasn’t been one Down syndrome baby that’s been born. In the U.K., there are more Down syndrome babies that are aborted than there are born,” he said.

This article continues at [Christian Post] Benham Brothers Say Down Syndrome Children ‘Created by God,’ Slam Iceland’s 100 Percent Abortion Rate

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