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Big money political action group puts up $35 million to smash Trump

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Hillary Clinton’s fight against Trump is about to get a $35 million digital boost. It will be coming from Priorities USA Action, a super PAC started in 2011 by former Obama staff, and it will be dedicated to attacking her presumed general election opponent Donald Trump.

According to Recode:

“Priorities USA Action plans to spend $35 million on digital ads to appear in six battleground states as soon as primary voting ends on June 7. The super PAC will use Facebook, Twitter and other digital platforms to reach women, Latinos, blacks and millennials with ads that cast the presumptive Republican presidential nominee as dangerous and deceptive.”

The $35 million on digital represents a quarter of the group’s ad budget. The buy reflects a drift towards more media being consumed online. “It’s not that we’re doing them over or instead of,” broadcast ads, says Justin Barasky, Priorities’ communications director. “You can’t do a TV only strategy anymore if you won’t be talking to as many voters as you could be.” As evidence, he points to the quarter of millennial voters who have “cut the cord” and no longer watch cable television, as well as the two-thirds of Hispanics likely to use their mobile device as their primary source for consuming media.   

The group was planning on waiting until after the primary to kickstart their campaign against Donald Trump, but they’re pushing up their timetable with six million dollars in TV ads through the next three weeks. According to Barasky, Priorities will spend $20 million on TV ads between the end of the primary and the Democratic convention, and then $70 million between the convention and election day.

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