Bishop McCaig: Canada may start killing its sick to 'save money'

Bishop McCaig: Canada may start killing its sick to ‘save money’

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A Catholic bishop is warning Canadians that legalizing assisted suicide last year has put the country on a path to a “new version of the horrible crimes we saw in the last century.” Specifically, he warned that the government will now take an interest in forcing euthanasia on citizens, especially the poor and the sick, as a way of saving healthcare dollars. 

“By passing assisted suicide laws, the state takes an interest in promoting the suicide of its citizens in order to save money,” said Bishop Scott McCaig, the Roman Catholic Military Ordinariate of Canada, in a May 11 homily delivered in Ottawa on the morning of the National March for Life. 

Canada’s law prohibiting euthanasia and assisted suicide was struck down by the country’s highest court in 2015. A law was passed last year that outlined the circumstances in which Canadians can be legally assisted to kill themselves or be euthanized by a doctor. 

McCaig said that every country that has allowed doctors to kill their patients has seen its safeguards, meant to protect the weak and vulnerable, become “inadequate, watered down, or eliminated over time.”

The same will inevitably happen in Canada, he warned.

“Legislation which allows people to end their lives automatically creates incentives to seek death as a cost saving option. The elderly, the sick, the infirm, are seen as burdens that can be easily disposed of. Suicide becomes a convenient solution and an easy way out of problems,” he said. 

“‘Not being a burden’ becomes a very powerful coercion to end one’s life,” he added.

The bishop said that at first euthanasia to save healthcare dollars will be voluntary. Then it will become a duty. Then it will be forced. And it will especially affect the poor who have no financial resources. 

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