Breaking the heads off unborn babies — how absolutely hilarious!

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Students at the University of North Georgia reportedly laughed last week as they broke the heads off cookies depicting babies in the womb, which were a part of a pro-abortion display created by the campus atheist club.

Photos of the display posted online show containers of the cookies, some of them with their heads broken off, surrounded by signs that read “abortion should remain legal because…” Students wrote in their own reasons, such as “a woman controls her own body” and the grotesque “my v*gina is too pretty to let a fetus crawl out.”

The photos were announced by conservative blogger Matt Walsh, who was tipped by a woman named Carly who was apparently a witness to the campus display.

“Carly tells me the pro-abortion folks were eating the baby cookies or breaking the heads off and laughing,” he wrote. “Another picture she shared shows a cookie lying next to its severed head over top a sign reading ‘Abortion should remain legal because it’s constitutionally protected.’”

Georgia Right to Life also posted about the display on social media as some students set up their own tables on campus to stand for life.

This article continues at [Christian News Network] University of North Georgia Students Laugh as They Break Heads Off ‘Baby Cookies’ at Pro-Abortion Display

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