[Byfield] Did the U of A effectually fire the Grand Guru of the Gaiety?

[Ted Byfield] Did the U of A effectually fire the Grand Guru of the Gaiety?

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To be rid of Wells, a new dean of Ed puts him on leave and demotes him. So he quits

[Ted Byfield Blog] Any way you look at it, the last couple of years have notturned out well for Alberta’s Grand Guru of the Gaiety, Dr. Kristopher Wells. Go back a couple of years, and he was sitting on top of a world he had helped to manufacture. His opinions were sought by gay publishers world wide. To criticize or make jokes about “perverts,” as had the bulk of humanity back to the classical Greeks, was now an indictable offence. You could go to jail for it. It was almost as unforgivable as teaching your children that the Bible contained Truth. All the Truthfully Informed knew there was no such a thing as Truth.

VIDEO: [Rebel Media] Raw gay content linked from govt-OK’d kids’ site – WARNING: Some explicit images [Mar. 23, 2017]

Cross dressing was, of course, admired, and if the day ahead looked tedious to you as a man, you would soon be able to transgender yourself and spend the day as a woman. And you wouldn’t need to worry about finding a washroom, for there will be several kinds of optional washrooms in most service stations.

All these and a thousand more “advances” could be attributed to the tireless efforts of people like Dr. Wells and his partner, Dr. André Grace. But Wells is rather special. He deftly provides an intellectual veneer for the activities of the Gaiety that are in fact purely carnal, bawdy, and long prone to evoke nausea in some people, and endless jokes in others.

Even so, the Gaiety has prevailed. Almost all politicians and even journalists tremble before it. Who would dare challenge such a powerful figure as Dr. Wells, author, public speaker, secure in his role of associate professor in the Education faculty of the University of Alberta and director with his partner Dr Grace of the university’s much respected Institute for Sexual Minorities Studies and Support?

But all that was then. Things have changed rather woefully for Dr. Wells. In fact his world seems to be crashing around him. It all began with the website he had developed for use by the lately established sex clubs in the public schools, the pet project of the Minister of Education David Eggen. The minister himself had conferred upon Dr. Wells the production of a website that would help children “accept” the phenomenon of sexual disparities. Children must early on learn that sexual inclinations could be “fluid.” Some men might one day like making love to women, on another day to men. Some women might prefer other women, sometimes men. Indeed, some people are drawn to dogs, sheep and other animals. Bestiality too, that is, must command acceptance and respect. Above all, one’s mind must be “open,” even if otherwise empty.

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  1. At some point, Wells and Grace may be relegated to the scapheap of history in the same way that Alfred Kinsey was. His perversions and presentation of fraudulent data are now legendary, and if you check out the Kinsey Institute Wikipedia site, his bio clearly minimizes and glosses over his deficiencies. But his publications and “research” have influenced a generation of sex therapists and researchers. Similarly, Frank and Mary Calderone (dubbed the SIECUS sexpot) sought to promulgate their perverted views through SIECUS (Sex Information and Education Council of the United States) and Planned Parenthood of America and their views were presented worldwide. Alberta was not impervious to Mary’s assault. She presented to Alberta government officials her views on early childhood education, which included sex education. And this was taking place in the 1980s to a Conservative government and its associated bureaucracy. Parents and the true conservative community had better be on alert. We are being challenged once more.

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