Byfield: Hail to the pure light of tolerance, openness and asininity

Byfield: Hail to the pure light of tolerance, openness and asininity


Things have been relatively tranquil these past two months on what might be called the “sex-ed issue,” which simmers just below the boiling point in three Canadian provinces and innumerable American states. The controversy centers on the intense campaign of the so-called “gay lobby”  to coerce the general citizenry to accept, endorse, admire, cheer and otherwise celebrate forms of sexual conduct that 15 or 20 years ago were widely viewed as perverted if not depraved.

However, if you listen to the champions of change, we have now advanced beyond all such darkness into the pure light of “openness” and “tolerance,” not to say asininities. The fervour generated by the innovators behind this campaign is not easily explained. It masquerades as an attack on school “bullying,” but the evidence for this bullying is rarely ever quantified. How could it be? How do you measure degrees of “bullying?” Will there be a bully meter in every school yard. Are we having a good day for bullying or a bad one?  Is there more of it or less? Who knows? The media know, that’s who! How did the media find out? Because the gay lobby told them,

Anyway, one of the achievements of the campaign to date is the phenomenon of the annual “gay pride parade” — with the mayor of the town prancing along at the head of it, waving to the people, and trying to look as proud as possible under the somewhat less than edifying circumstances. And on the floats behind come the gentlemen dressed only in jock straps or less to simulate copulation and thereby demonstrate how advanced our tolerance has become as a community.

However, of far more lasting consequences are the sex-ed courses being pushed in the schools by the governments of British Columbia, Ontario and above all Alberta. The message implicit in all three programs is the same: — “If it feels good, go for it. Don’t worry about the old rules of chastity. They’re gone. Don’t worry about pregnancy; we have abortion for that. Don’t worry about diseases. We have medicines for that. (It’s notable, however, that in a grandiose sex-ed brochure, published by the Alberta Teachers’ Association, there’s not a single mention of  sexually transmitted

diseases (STDs), while U.S. health authorities are warning of an “alarming” rise of these afflictions among males in the late teens and, early 20s.

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