Byfield: Is Putin’s Russia quietly assuming the world leadership of Christianity?

[Ted Byfield] Is Putin’s Russia quietly assuming the world leadership of Christianity?

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He rules a land which is rapidly returning to its faith, while Americans abandon theirs

[Ted Byfield Blog] Patrick Joseph Buchanan, paleo-conservative columnist, broadcaster, and senior aide to three Republican presidents (Reagan, Ford and Nixon) would scoff if anyone were to seriously propose adorning him with another title, notably that of prophet. Nonetheless, he seems far ahead of the pack in discerning a tendency in the ongoing Culture War, which could result in one of the most astonishing flip-flops ever recorded.

VIDEO: Compilation on Vladimir Putin, in his own words, discussing his personal faith and Christianity.

For about five years, Buchanan has been calling attention to an implicit though unintended coalition between social conservatives in America, in fact all over the western world, and the explosion of Christian growth across eastern Europe, particularly in Russia. My friend, the Toronto columnist Jonathan Van Maren, just back from a month-long visit to Russia, gave in four words what he found there. “The churches,” he said, “are packed.” Not with old people, but with young adults, particularly men.. And not with social revolutionaries, but with born-again Christians. He described it as “astounding,” and no doubt will be writing about it in Life Site News.

But there is another puzzling implication to this. The figure
behind the rebirth of eastern Christendom, and widely identified with it, is none other than President Vladimir Putin. He was baptized by his mother secretly, because his father was a senior official in the KGB. Putin has been a weekly church-goer through most of his life. He regards the secularist repudiation of Christianity in the West — with its unrestrained promotion of formerly forbidden sex practices and an educational philosophy totally alien to Christianity– as ultimately spelling the doom of America. and he does not shrink from saying so.

On Christian grounds he opposes gay rights and gay marriage, He refuses to allow abortion centres to advertise and, in one unsubstantiated account I’ve heard, constantly carries a message to Russian young people — “Have babies!” Otherwise, the Russian people and Russia itself will rapidly disappear. He has also ordered a vast program of church reconstruction throughout the country. Always Orthodox churches, of course, because a tie between state and church goes back to the Byzantines who brought the Slav peoples into the faith one millennium ago.

As traditionalist American Christians come to see this, they are understandably bewildered, After all, for most of the 20th Century, Russia stood solidly on its Marxist atheism, executing Christian clergy in the tens of thousands. Meanwhile America, as the champions of Christian democracy, vigorously opposed and prevailed over Marxist Russia and its attendant atheism for about 50 years.

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  1. Skeptics are hard pressed to accept what is happening in Russia, but we have also seen this first-hand as of just 2 weeks ago. As part of the Global Home Education Conference, we heard Russian speaker after Russian speaker castigate the errors of the Soviet era. Tour guides could not help themselves as they decried the fallacies of soviet indoctrination and subjugation. Their economy seems to be flourishing, contrary to what we generally hear, and what struck most of us who attended from the West, was the optimism of young people and young families who were not afraid to express that optimism. For them, the church has become central, and for many, it is the focus of their faith, family life and their very culture. Talking to one young dad, he said that his main focus is his family and his Bible study at church. He’s a young technologist, well educated, and I was emotionally floored as we shared together. These are brothers and sisters of ours, at least those of us who hold Christ dear, and they have measured their faith in very real ways. Further, churches that once were converted into factories, are now being restored and the people are, as reported, visiting and filling them.

    In the next few months, recordings of those proceedings will appear, and the West will hear first-hand, the expressions of a desire to return to Christian and traditional family values. They are expressed in a way that seems to put them at the forefront of the very salvation of the Russian peoples and their culture. As one Russian speaker said, the West was our arch-enemy and we were the West’s arch-enemy … that is no longer true!

    In a previous post on wonder-moms, I recounted some of the comments we heard in Russia, and what becomes clear is that while we descend into the morass of cultural relativism, Russia is becoming a backbone of Christian absolutes. Go figure! As someone said, it makes you want to think about moving … way East!

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