[Byfield] Masculinity: the new target for the creators of our new society

[Byfield] Masculinity: the new target for the creators of our new society

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Fury follows as the social re-designers plan to redesign the male side of humanity

[Ted Byfield Blog] It’s very odd that the most macho state in the American union should distinguish itself by launching a campaign to redefine masculinity. They apparently want to make it more like femininity. Males in Alberta should take heed, since we are widely regarded as the Canadian Texas, due chiefly to our economy which, like that of Texas, is based on oil, gas cattle and grain.

VIDEO: Lessons in masculinity. National Film Board of Canada documentary ‘The New Boys’ chronicles a 330-mile canoe trip by students of St. John’s Cathedral Boys School. “We don’t need to redefine masculinity but rediscover it,” writes Byfield, one of the school’s founders.

The campaign, however, is not being conducted by the entrepreneurial side of Texas, but by the academics nesting in the University of Texas at the capital city of Austin. It has set off a furious fight between the defenders of masculinity and the designers of the New Society, the vision which all we of the western world are being vigorously enjoined to embrace.

The stench of it is particularly nauseating in Alberta where the grotesque mismanagement of the old Tory government allowed a foreign socialist movement to take over the provincial administration. Since its cultural and educational policies come almost wholly from the United States, it’s a safe bet that masculinity is in for a redefinition here as well, if it hasn’t already started..

Meanwhile, the American experience is instructive, not only because it angers nearly all those of the masculine gender and a sizable number of the feminine gender, but also due to its almost total incomprehensibility. The program was designed to improve “the mental health and student safety,” along with “alcohol-related initiatives including efforts to reduce sexual assaults on campus.” In order to do this, they saw the need to redefine masculinity. The new program, named “MasculinUT” was to be accommodated in the “Counselling and Mental Health Center” at the university with the reasonable implication that masculinity must be regarded as a form of mental illness.

Wrote one critic: “These days being a man means you’re crazy. You’re a rapist waiting for a woman to rape. You’re a misogynist, just looking for a woman to oppress. You’re a brute, looking for a woman to punch in the face. You are violent, domineering and angry.”

Said another, this one a woman: The program “treats men as though they are violent rapists, just waiting for a woman on whom to enforce themselves . And, you know, slap around a little, because apparently, that is what men do. “The project praises a poster of a black man with a flower crown, but mourns that masculinity should go farther than that. This makes me curious about what ‘further than that’ would be like.”

The program directors hastened to amend their website and issued a public statement: “It has become clear that some of the communication and discussion surrounding Masculin UT.was not effective at reaching the broad audience the program envisioned.” The exact opposite appeared more likely — that the program did reach “a broad audience,” and that the “broad audience” didn’t like what it saw.

This article continues at [Ted Byfield Blog] Masculinity: the new target for the creators of our new society

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  1. This is where gender equality is taking us. And it won’t stop there. So what’s to say that the next step is drug treatment to eliminate, or reduce the aggressive behaviour of those out of control males. Oh! That’s already taking place you say! So, the next step – neuter all those beasts! The feminists didn’t know what they were unleashing back in the day, and it was Ted Byfield, once more, who roughly 30 years ago identified the problem in the “feminization” of males. This is just taking it the next step. Thank you NDP! 🙁

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