Wente and the Wonder-Mothers: Can they save Canada from itself?

[Vince Byfield] Wente and the Wonder-Mothers: Can they save Canada from itself?

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Like most men I cannot fathom women. This is in spite of the fact that, from adolescence onward, women ultimately preoccupy most of our thoughts, either directly (via fantasies) or indirectly (trying to attract them with charm or acquiring wealth).  Although most men are loath to admit this, a woman’s mere presence automatically commands our attention (some more effectively than others of course). However, with age I have come to realize that by far the most impressive of ladies are those who embrace motherhood with gusto. Most of us will know at least one such woman, and our first encounter perhaps played out this way: “How many children? Eight!” Stunned silence then follows. How do they do it? That’s the question I’ll try to tackle in this column.

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In Russia such women are called “heroine mothers.” Here in Canada we prefer to label them deluded. Anyone willing to throw their lives away swimming in a sea of dirty diapers must be mentally unhinged. And yet this societal judgement does not square with my personal experience. I know three women who fit this description and all convey an amazing calm. They’re plainly in control, far more in fact than most mothers with the more socially acceptable two or three children.

What is the secret behind these Wonder-Mothers?

Of these three one deserves special mention. Her family includes three natural and four adopted children (two brother-sister combos). After teaching her adopted kids for two years in a weekly Bible class I can attest them to be as well behaved as any child and without exception adorable.  After getting to know her older children I reached a conclusion that the other two moms have further reinforced. We often assume that large families are more unruly and uncivilized than smaller ones. For me, this is now a myth that these ladies have thoroughly debunked.

When I chat with such women they seem like any other. They have all the usual human stresses, of course. But when considering the size of the mob they must manage daily, modern psychological wisdom would no doubt forecast serious depression, if not suicide. To successfully heal the inevitable emotional scarring, to steer through such a maelstrom of teenage turbulence, and through it all to still be able to muster up the energy to love unconditionally surely demands abilities beyond those of mere mortals. And yet I’ve never heard of a single Wonder-Mother taking her own life. (Sadly, the same cannot be said for other women.[note]In 2017, according to Statistics Canada, for every married woman who committed suicide there were ten single, divorced and widowed women who chose the same fate.[/note].)

So what is their secret? What other variable could possibly be at play? It’s worth noting that these women and their husbands are all actively Christian (two Catholic, one Pentecostal). I’m therefore driven to believe the explanation lies in the supernatural. We Christians believe that through prayer we can call on the Holy Spirit for comfort[note] “But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.” [John 14:26 King James Version (KJV)][/note], counsel[note] “Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth” [John 16:13 King James Version (KJV)][/note], and energy[note] “But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you” [Acts 1:8 King James Version (KJV)] [/note] (along with many other amazing powers).

My father wrote last week on Margaret Wente, an accomplished columnist for the Globe and Mail. Ms. Wente had dedicated her Mother’s Day column to lament the fact that fewer women in Canada are choosing to take on this important role (herself included). The implications from her column are grave. She essentially pointed out that each new generation of natural-born Canadians is now 25% smaller than the last. As her piece was being published thousands of concerned citizens throughout Canada similarly expressed their sentiments on the issue by participating in the March for Life. This annual event tries to draw attention to the fact that almost 100,000 Canadians are now being killed each year via abortion. In 2016 more than 16,000 of these abortions were children in their second and third trimester[note] The Canadian Institute for Health Information (cihi.ca) reported 97,764 abortions in 2016, of which approximately 17% were in the second and third trimester of life at the time of their termination.[/note].

What if…

Canadians increasingly expect government approval before taking action, but this need not be so. Successful causes begin when citizens take initiative first with governments inevitably (and often reluctantly) following suit. Imagine for a moment many of Canada’s 50,000 or more churches setting up ‘baby funds’[note] A nominal sum under $1000—large enough to encourage soldiering on through pregnancy but not too large. Best it be gifted anonymously via the counselling agencies so it not be confused with any adoption agency compensation for possible lost wages.[/note] which were gifted to pregnant mothers currently seeking abortion? Such women would be found by working in concert with existing pro-life counselling services to identify candidate recipients. Each mother could receive such a tribute after choosing adoption over abortion. Church leaders could further support this cause by simultaneously and aggressively encouraging more adoptions by many of Canada’s ten million Christians. With each successfully-implemented baby fund a church’s congregation could rejoice that their collective action had just saved one more young Canadian life.

If these baby funds persuaded more young mothers to choose life, and more within Canada were to subsequently step up and raise these children in Christian communities, then many more young souls will ultimately be saved in the truest and holiest sense of the word.

I would love to know your thoughts on this issue via email or comment. Please share this idea with friends and family. The more we do so, the more likely it will bear fruit.

May God make it so.

Vince Byfield is Editor for TheChristians.com Web Journal and Manager of the Society to Explore And Record Christian History (or SEARCH) which publishes the twelve-volume history series ‘The Christians: Their First Two Thousand Years

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  1. Thank you Vince for this great insight. Just having returned from Russia this week, we had opportunity to observe some of these “wonder-moms” of Russia. One such individual at the Global Home Education Conference (GHEC) was outstanding. In the face of what you might think would be some resistance, she, as a veteran, clearly was in defiance of impositions being made by some of the local school authorities regarding testing. When asked by a fellow Russian as to when to take the State “mandatory” testing, she responded something like “age of 18, 26 or 90”. To her, it really didn’t matter. She was a trooper, and saw her role as mom to be one of someone to come along side of her children to assist in the character building process that now the Russian Ministry of Education virtually view to be the backbone and salvation of rebuilding the very character of Russia itself. Some of the statements from Russian officials, political and faith-based, were simply astounding. It was non-stop, traditional pro-family encouragement. Former Ambassador Antonov to the United States was particularly forceful. He thoroughly denounced the old Soviet paradigm, which destroyed families, and now espouses the rebuilding of families in the context of faith and home education practices. These individuals are sometimes politely critical of what is happening in the West and don’t understand why we continue to adopt practices that tear apart families and traditional values. We heard from church leaders, both Orthodox and Protestant, who are at the heart of this resurgence of traditional Christian values. To say the least, it was unbelievably encouraging to be with home educators from around the world and be with brothers and sisters in Christ who are committed to make a difference.

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