Explained: Why females increasingly outnumber males in university

[Ted Byfield] Why females increasingly outnumber males in university

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I have attached a video to this column that was made by Stuart Wachowicz, former director of curriculum for the Edmonton Public Schools. It is of vital interest to any parent who has a son or sons in the school system. Mr. Wachowicz is a man of extraordinary common sense for an education bureaucrat which probably explains why he no longer is one.

VIDEO: Stuart Wachowicz demostrates how our school system favors girls over boys

His message is straight forward. The reason that university enrollments are now running at sixty-six percent female is that the public school system right across the western world is so heavily biased against males that most young men are effectually doomed to an inferior status. Such a charge may sound preposterous, but Mr. Wachowicz, with the help of another former executive in the Edmonton system, proves it conclusively.

I won’t tell you any more. See the video yourself (https://www.youtube.coseem/watch?v=qloY4OJxBoQ). But I could add a few touches to it. In my 18 years with the St. John’s schools, I taught two or three hundred students at the junior and senior high school levels. All but one was a male for they were boys’ schools. The exception was my own daughter, whom I tutored for a year. That alone was enough to raise the suspicion that the two halves of our species are very different, particularly in the mid-teen years, and they therefore call for very different educational methods.

But I had already experienced something of this many years before. Courcelette Road School in Toronto’s Scarborough suburb ran from Grade 1 to Grade 8. It had — six women who taught Grades 1 through 6, and two men: Mt. Ralph in Grades 7 and in Grade 8 Mr. Perkins who was also the school principal. Up to Grade 6, the classroom atmosphere, as I recall it, was in the main secure and joyous. But one looked forward to Grades 7 and 8 with fear and trepidation. You were forewarned. Mr. Ralph was a short, stocky man who at the beginning of the year used the strap a lot. The atmosphere in his class was definitely not joyous, but it was certainly focussed. You listened; you worked; and you did not fool around. In Grades 5 and 6, the boys had been somewhat disruptive. This ended abruptly with Mr. Ralph.

There was worse to come with Mr. Perkins. In our still-young eyes. he was about nine feet tall and must have weighed maybe 400 or 500 pounds, all muscle. Mr. Perkins hardly used the strap at all. He had simply to look at you and trembling began. He taught everything well, but he was especially fond of English grammar. By the end of Grade 8, most us could parse every word in a 50-word sentence we’d never seen before that included a noun clause, and adverb clause and an adjective phrase, plus maybe an interjection and with at least one verb in the subjunctive.

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