Last year's protest held by UAlberta Pro-Life.

Campus pro-lifers sue Alberta University for an unjust security fee

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A campus pro-life group has filed a lawsuit against the University of Alberta claiming it infringed on the pro-lifers’ freedom of speech by charging the group a $17,500 security fee to host a public event on campus.

UAlberta Pro-Life filed the court action on April 26 with the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta. The group is asking the court to examine the legality of the security fees that forced the cancellation of a February event.

“Our freedom of expression has been violated,” said UAlberta Pro-Life president Amberlee Nicol. “First, when the university failed to provide a safe environment for free and open expression when they allowed students to obstruct our events… and because of the problems they caused through their inaction, they wanted to charge us with amounts in security fees that we simply could not afford to pay.”

Nicol said the lawsuit was the result of year-long tension with the university which began when the group held a similar event last year, authorized and approved by the university. UAlberta Pro-Life displayed signs showing the consequences of abortion at the event, which was violently shut down by a counter-demonstration of pro-choice students. 

“Campus security was there but they didn’t do anything,” said Nicol. “They just kind of suggested, ‘Hey you guys shouldn’t be doing this,’ but they didn’t go any further than that… Our event was surrounded by a bunch of shouting, angry students.”

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