Can you pass this history test from 108 years ago?

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In 1908, Minnesota 8th graders were expected to answer a number of questions on American history in order to gain entrance to high school. A sampling of these questions is found in the quiz below. Keep in mind that the 8th graders of 1908 didn’t have the luxury of multiple choice answers!

Do you think that modern 8th graders would have difficulty passing this test, particularly given the fact that only 18 percent of them score proficient on U.S. history? Does history need to be a bigger emphasis of the school curriculum?

The following questions are some of those given to Minnesota 8th grade students on a 1908 exam. The exam was prepared by the State High School Board and is described as the “principal examination for admission to the state high schools of Minnesota.” After taking the quiz, do you think you would have been admitted to high school in 1908?

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